Important Information

Our doors are open again!

In order to maximize safety for both our customers and staff, we are implementing the following policies as we begin to reopen our store. Our web store is still up and running strong. Please if you do not feel comfortable visiting us at the store use our web store.

  • NEW HOURS - We will be open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 3pm
  • LIMITED CAPACITY- We are limiting the number of shoppers allowed in the store at any one time. The front door may be locked if we have reached our limit. Feel free to wait on the porch or in your car until we have an opening. We are offering appointments to guarantee your shopping time. 50 minute appointments will start on the hour from 10am to 3pm Call us at 641-522-4766 to make your appointment
  • MASKS- Like many other stores we are requiring that all customers and staff wear a face mask. 
  • HAND SANITIZER- Please use the hand sanitizer provided as you enter the store. We ask that you do not wear disposable gloves.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING- We are asking that all visitors practice social distancing as much as possible with each other and the staff.
  • NON-SHOPPERS - Because we are limiting the number of people in the store, we invite all friends, family, drivers, children and others not shopping to relax on the porch or in their cars.

As we navigate re-opening and as the pandemic hopefully continues subsides, we will constantly be re-evaluating our policies and changing them as necessary. We all hope to be back to "normal" as soon as possible. Also if you are not feeling well please stay home. We are hoping that this is a temporary situation. We miss all of you and we miss having our store as a fun place to visit.


Our web store is continuing to operate as usual, so you can always shop from the comfort of your home. We pack and ship orders every business day. Most orders are packed for shipping within 24 - 48 hours so you don't have to wait long to get your fabric. The USPS is experiencing some delays, so it may take a couple extra days to arrive. Sorry we do not take phone orders, and do not offer pick up at the store.

There have been some questions about the safety of receiving packages in the mail. There is a recent Washington Post article concerning how long the virus may live on surfaces. They specifically talk about contracting the virus through packages in the mail. The article states that is very unlikely but adds, “There’s never zero risk if the person who gave you the package just sneezed on that package one second ago.” Fortunately the virus does not survive that long on fabric

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Above all, we hope that you stay safe and well.

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