In the interest of trying to do our best to keep our staff, customers and families safe, we have made the decision close the retail store to in person traffic until further notice.

  • What does this mean if you're an online shopper? NOTHING CHANGES. We will continue to process orders within 48 hours and will still have new fabric coming in regularly.
  • What does this mean if you are a local shopper? All fabric that is in the store is available on line, and we will ship it to you as you shop from the safety of home. Or you can pick it up at your convenience
  • Do you offer curbside pickup? Yes we do! Click Here to find out more
  • What if I have an in-store Gift Certificate? We will happily buy back any unused Gift Certificates. Call us to find out how. Sorry they cannot be used online.
  • I heard you will be going out of business. Absolutely not! In spite of the challenges, 2020 was our best year ever (Thank You!)
  • When will you reopen to in store visits? "When" is a big question for most everything we used to do that we can't do "normally" right now. The simple answer is we don't know, and we'll make our decision with safety in mind.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Above all, we hope that you stay safe and well.

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